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Weather station


With this unit you can keep track of areas of agricultural interest by monitoring parameters such as wind speed and direction Air temperature . Solar radiation, air humidity Rain Temperature Barometric Pressure Leaf wetness of the soil Soil Moisture Evapotranspiration


These stations can send alerts through SMS to report frosts, rains particularly strong, wind and more.

They can be used to calculate evapotranspiration and thus optimize irrigation and are of fundamental importance to the treatments at the right time, both in traditional and in biology. Our stations are born with GSM / GPRS modem built-in and can send data on the Internet, is one of our servers, which we provide free of charge to provide a minimum service to anyone buying the station, or to a server that the client can install independently. Our philosophy is' to provide all the specifications and help to make the customers independently.


- Power supply: solar panel that can continue to power the unit in the event of 15 consecutive days of cloudy sky

- Alarms can be set: frost, high temperature, wind and rain

- You can set an alarm threshold for a given temperature and the control unit sends alarm SMS to the phone numbers set by the user

- SMS daily up to 8 telephone numbers with the most important meteorological data

- Weather data on demand via SMS to the phone number

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