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Packaging environmental labeling

From 1 January 2023, with Legislative Decree 116/2020, which transposes EU directives 2018/851-852 on waste, packaging and packaging waste, and with Law n.15/2022 (Official Gazette n.49 of 28/ 2/2022) converting the decree law n.228/2021 (so-called "milleproroghe decree"), the obligation of environmental labeling of packaging is introduced in order to facilitate collection, reuse and recycling and to provide appropriate information to customers/consumers on their final destination.

In particular, on the basis of Commission decision 97/129/EC, packaging producers and users are required to identify the packaging material through their specific coding, which characterizes its appropriate and correct disposal.

On 21 November 2022, the Ministerial Decree n. 360 of 28 September 2022, which adopts the Guidelines on environmental labeling for the correct fulfillment of the packaging labeling obligations by the responsible subjects.

In compliance with the principles of the free movement of goods, the Guidelines underline the possibility of adopting digital channels that can completely replace or integrate the mandatory information shown directly on the packaging.

At the bottom you can consult and download the document that collects the useful codes for the labeling of the packaging we use for our goods.

For any information and/or need for support, please refer to the company contact person Mr. Turoni Enrico

Download the pdf